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↳Happy 31st Birthday, Roger Federer :3 May the odds be in your favor.

Ugh I don’t know what to do. 

Tomorrow I’m going back to college and I will not be able to watch the Olympics anymore, nor post photos and I don’t know what to do, because I don’t want to stop posting, aaaaaaaaargh. 

Life is just so sad. 

shdesofcool asked: Hello, first off I just wanted to say...I love your blog. It's so cute and the pictures of Michael, great job. So, on twitter Michael tweeted a "#PicFrame" of him and Allison holding hands. I know they both train together...but I think that they should both date each other. I kind of wanted to know about your opinion about them. Xx :) p.s if they have kids, their children would break a lot of records;) haha

Hello. How cute. Thank you so much. Ohhh they’re perfect together, aren’t they? Ugh I think they should get together, it would be so cute. I think they have an affair, I do I do I do. So does nandosmotherhen, I’m pretty sure she knows something. Hwhahaha. Oh imagine their children. They would be the cutest kids alive plus the best swimmers of the history! I don’t doubt that in case they had kids, one would win like 23 medals to break his dad’s record and other would just.. Mm play football or any sports that aren’t in the water. Hwhaha. 

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Muito obrigada por trazer a nossa segunda medalha e por mudar a história da ginástica do nosso país! Muito mais do que merecido. Parabéns e, mais uma vez, muito obrigada! 

dontcallmelazy asked: Cesar Cielo as a favorite athlete? Awesome!

Of course! Since 2007, I’m a massive fan. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I love the edits that you do on your blog! I was wondering if I could use one of your pictures of Misty and Kerri for my blog's sidebar? I'll give you full credit for sure!

Oh thank you so much! That’s so cute. And of course, if you are giving me the credits. Thank you so much for asking. That’s so awesome. Ugh. 

Congratulations, Murray!

Great game huh

Well deserved.